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Customer Support

At Paradigm Systems we are ready to provide you with top level support. If you have questions or need help, our support web portal is available 24/7 so you can easily open a support ticket any time of day. 

Professional Services

Our professional services team is ready to help when needed. For many clients Paradigm Systems is their IT support department. We can handle any level of project you may have, from simple software development to data center moves, Paradigm System can help.

Remote Monitoring

Our remote database monitoring service can monitor and manage your Multivalue database remotely and take both preventive and emergency measures when need to to keep your data safe and secure.




Did you know Paradigm Systems, LLC has a referral program? That's right, you can earn referral rewards simply by recommending our software to other companies. 

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Paradigm Systems is a true pioneer of U2 administration services. The company was founded by Jay LaBonte, creator of Mercury Flash, the most advanced database management tool for UniData and UniVerse in the industry, and former Vice President of the U2 Users Group. With more than 40 years of experience managing Multivalue databases, he has managed many high availability systems in such industries as airspace manufacturing and materials distribution, real estate, professional employment organizations (PEO), staffing companies, land development, oil companies, marinas, and the restaurant industry.

Meet The Team


Jay LaBonte

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President &


Kathleen LaBonte

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Vice President

Gianna Trombino

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Director of Marketing

Jack LaBonte

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IT Administration &

Network Security



APT Solutions Ltd

APT Solutions was founded in 1990 and is a specialist supplier of software and services to the Membership Sector. Privately owned, we are proud of our independence and ability to focus on providing a high quality of service to our customers over the long term.

Neumann Technology Solutions

Neumann Technology Solutions is a software solutions provider and management consultancy firm specializing in services to the U2 industry. The company was formally incorporated in 2016 by its founder Kurt Neumann and is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rocket Software

Rocket Software is a provider and developer of software solutions in five categories: infrastructure solutions, mobile, mainframe, cloud and big data solutions. Some of which utilize Rocket’s UniData and UniVerse databases.

Aptron Corporation

Since 1983, Aptron has consistently provided the most capable and reliable enterprise solutions for higher education, while remaining on a first name basis with our friends at every institution we partner with.

Rocky Mountain Educational Resources

Rocky Mountain Educational Resources LLC (RMER) offers an extensive variety of multi-value database education courses and training for the large corporate environment, as well as the independent development company.

Meier Business Systems

Meier Business Systems (MBS) is a specialized Value Added Software Distributor and IT services company and are the principal supplier of Rocket Software products in the Asia Pacific region as well as being a leading supplier of IBM Software in Australia.

Welland Company

Welland is a full-service software development firm offering one of the greatest tools for the transfer of data from a U2 database into an SQL database in near real time.




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 561-705-3688 or fill out the following form

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South America

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Meier Business Systems Pty

+61 3 9571 3111

South Africa

Neumann Technology Solutions

+27 84 432 0769

United Kingdom

APT Solutions Ltd

+44 (0) 1952 214000

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