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Our team of professionals have a proven track record and expert industry knowledge to help you manage your systems, and solve your problems. Our team brings best practice experience and countless successful consulting, training, implementation and trouble shooting engagements. We can help you assess your business needs, create a best-practice strategy, and to deploy technology. It doesn't matter if you have a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we have a proven track record of success. You can trust us to get the job done. 

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Tech Assessments

Need tech due diligence before making an investment? Have concerns about the viability of your product or the effectiveness of your development team? Paradigm Systems can quickly evaluate your product and team to identify risks and shortcuming as well as what needs to be done to rectify any issues or concerns identified.


Product Rescue/Execution

Wheather you need help implementing the recommendations from an Assesment or getting a product and product team launched, Paradigm Systems can help. Our model includes anything from advising a few hours per week to putting together the full team and leaing that team to deliver your product.


Fractional/Interim CIO/CTO

Most organizations find it difficult to justify the investment in a full-time CIO or CTO but their business requires the expertise these professional provide. Paradigm Systems provides fractional CIO-As-A-Service and CTO-As-A-Service model that is affordable and integrated into your operations.


With extensive experience developing software for the Multivalue environment, we can help you optimize your applications and keep them running at peak performance. We can Discover and fix bottlenecks in your code allowing you to gain efficiency and improve scalability.



It is recommended that a Health Check be performed at a minimum of once per year to verify your systems are running at optimal performance and meet the latest security standards. Having designed and written the leading Multivalue database administration tool, Mercury Flash, we understand what it takes to tune your systems.

Our experts will monitor and review your specific environment and calculate the proper configuration for your system for the most efficient use of resources.

At the end of the Health Check, you will be provided with a report identifying issues along with recommendation to resolve identified issues.



From design to planning and on through development, Paradigm Systems can help you tailor a solution specifically for your needs. Whether its small-scale software development for a singe function or a complete business solution, we can help.

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2234 North Federal Hwy #1056, Boca Raton, FL 33431 | |  Tel: 561-705-3688


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