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Mercury Console Released

BOCA RATON, Florida - (March 27, 2012) - Paradigm Systems today has announced their new UniData based database management tool, Mercury Console.

Mercury console is a web based application designed to facilitate the analysis, resizing and repair of your U2 UniData database, all from the convenience of a browser. Since Mercury Console is not client based it becomes much easier to maintain your database from any network device with a compatible browser, including tablets computer or even a smart phone.

Besides the usual features, such as running file analysis and performing resizing of database files. Mercury Console also performs hash type analysis to determine the optimal hash type. And if errors are detected during analysis, Mercury Console can take care of repairing the corrupted file as well.

Mercury Console also goes above and beyond other resize utilities by allowing most functions to be scheduled, so you are always assured that your database will be performing at its best.

If that’s not enough, Mercury Console is built using a modular structure so as Paradigm Systems release new modules they can easily be added. One such module is the “WatchDog” client and host. By configuring a single host module and multiple client modules, your will be able to monitor multiple database from a single web console.

Mercury Console currently works only within the UniData line of U2 databases. Paradigm Systems plans to rollout U2 UniVerse support later in the year.

For additional information about Mercury Console, Click here, or send email with your contact information to

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