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Mercury Flash V5.2 Announced

Boca Raton, FL September 25, 2019: Paradigm Systems will release version 5.2 of their Multivalue database management system Mercury Flash in early October.

Starting with this release, OpenQM 3.4-16 by Zumasys will now be supported in addition to the UniData and UniVerse databases from Rocket Software.

“We are excited to add OpenQM to the list of supported databases for Mercury Flash. OpenQM is the first addition to our supported environment and we are in the process of creating versions to support other Multivalue environments, said Jay LaBonte, president and founder of Paradigm Systems.

In addition to supporting OpenQM 3.4-16 an above in this release, there are some additional improvements users will find in Mercury Flash 5.2 are:

· Networked sensors such as Temperature, Humidity and Barometric pressure can now be monitored.

· The User Defined Scheduler has been greatly improved allowing additional security on commands that can be executed within each defined schedule.

· A new Export button has been added to several utilities allowing the report contents to be exported to a PDF formatted report and then printed.

· Account Caching has been improved to better handle distributed files.

· Improved handling of virtual accounts.

· Improved processing by the Account Cleaner to better identify items for cleanup.

· A new Honey Pot utility has been added to allow you to monitor unused ports and identify scanning bot and other malicious software that is accessing your network.

· Various minor fixes and improvements.

Mercury Flash is the state-of-the-art web based management console specifically designed for the UniVerse, UniData and OpenQM databases. Mercury Flash version 5 was released in July of 2018 and over the past year it has experienced incredible growth and acceptance in the community and has quickly become the go to solution for Multivalue database management and tuning.

If you'd like to find out more information about the benefits of using Mercury Flash, visit our new website at or call us at 561-705-3688.

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