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Mercury Flash 5.1.2 Released

Paradigm Systems has today announced the release of version 5.1.2 of their UniVerse and UniData database management system Mercury Flash.

Some of the improvements you will find in Flash 5.1.2 include an improved Master Scheduler allowing the administrator to specify allowed or Denied verbs which the scheduler as well as the ability to customize the PROC or Paragraph used to launch schedules processes.

The early warning system has also been enhanced to permit the sending of alerts when your U2 system reaches a present limit of user capacity, and/or a set limit of t assigned LCT's. One UniData based system alerts can even be sent when a read lock exceed set limits.

Mercury Flash has supported the use of HTTPS using SSL, and not it support Two-Factor Authentication using Time-based one-time passwords pared with an allocation of your Android or Apple phone such as Google Authenticator, FreeOTP, SymantecVIP Access and/or Duo. If you do not want to use TOTP, then you can use SMS and have a temporary PIN number sent to your cell phone.

Other security enhancements include Anti-Scan and customizable web page headers. The new Anti-Scan function in Mercury can identify IP's that are searching for possible back doors or other potential vulnerabilities into Mercury Flash; when discovered, those IP's are locked out of the system and ignored.

If you are using Rockets Software's UniData or UniVerse database to run your organization, you owe it to yourself to explore what Mercury Flash can do for you. You can find out more by visiting our new web site at or call us at 561-705-3688.

With distributors in the Australia, The United States, South America, the United Kingdom and South Africa, we can set you up with an online demonstration and maybe even an onsite trial.

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